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Make your book publication available in the digital form comprising of story, text, and images and is convenient to read.

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Trade Books

A book that is intended and designed for the general public, which a commercial publisher publishes.

magazine publishing

It is a printed or digital published item that consists of articles, stories, and poems, mostly in the form of illustrations.

graphic book
Photo Books

A photo book is mostly found at the coffee tables, comprising the photographs as a means of the overall content.

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Have you got a creative story in mind? Share it with the world because we truly believe every story is worth sharing, and to display your story in the finest form to the world, our ghostwriters are definitely worthy of your hire. To achieve the best, there goes a lot of hard work and dedication, which our company doesn’t lack. Our team works effortlessly to deliver you an exciting project. All the ideas and your story are transformed into a masterpiece by our writers who flaunt the work with beautiful words.

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  • eBook Writing
  • Proofreading Services
  • Book Editing
  • Book Formatting
  • Video Trailer
  • Audio Book
  • Book Cover Designing
  • Author's Website
  • Book Publishing
  • Book Marketing
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We make it possible for you to make your book the next big read for the readers. Bring us your rough drafts, and let our team work magnificently on their execution.

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Your million-dollar story is worth bringing alive. And for that, our ghostwriters are dedicated to the execution of your book and work tirelessly to mold the story into the form of a picture-perfect book. We guarantee that the services you take from us are truly unmatchable, and you are sure to meet your desired results.

To give our customers a high-end result, we have hired professional experts with years of experience that are the most demanded. Therefore, don’t worry while choosing Barnett Ghostwriting for your service because working with us means getting the best.

  • Being published on all online platforms, such as Kindle.
  • An eye-catching cover design.
  • Fast and affordable self-publishing.
  • Additions, revisions, and re-editions!
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Working with us gives you prompt delivery of work because we have set up everything systematically. Here is our 4 step process, which keeps us streamlined from the beginning.

Your Order After making up your mind about working with us, you place your order.

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Outline Before beginning with the writing process, our writers draft an outline.

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Approval Once we are done with your tasks, we immediately seek your approval.

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Of Work No matter what the deadline is, the work is always delivered timely.

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Keep yourself up to date with news of our brand in popular outlets and channels, Barnett ghostwriting is frequently featured due to the exceptional work of our writers.

  • Video Trailer
  • Audio Book
  • Book Cover Designing
  • Author Website
  • Book Publishing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Book Translation
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Edition
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Costs for ghostwriters vary quite a bit depending on the scope of the project and the length of the book as well.

A ghostwriter writes your book and gets paid for it, you maintain all rights to the book whereas the ghostwriter simply gets paid for the service.

Usually yes sometimes an author might write a book with an author where both parties write the book together, again this varies a bit.

It’s absolutely worth it to hire a quality ghostwriter who has the expertise and knowledge to take your ideas to the next level.

No, as it is illegal for a ghostwriter to claim the book as their own, a ghostwriter is only someone hired to write a book on the basis that they get paid for the words they wrote.

Not all but many authors do even famous ones, often times authors have series and a high volume of books to complete which leads to them utilizing ghostwriters.

No, as a ghostwriter you are not entitled to any royalties, you’re simply entitled to being paid for the work you’ve done.

No it is not, it’s a perfectly legal service and many authors have utilized ghostwriters and continue to do so.


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Keep yourself up to date with news of our brand in popular outlets and channels, Barnett ghostwriting is frequently featured due to the exceptional work of our writers.

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