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We are on a mission as a company to bring about the greatest literary success, for all of our clients. We go about this by the quality of our writing skills and the usage of engaging stories to bring a greater level of acclaim to you as an author.

An exceptional team

An outstanding team of writers that will take you to great heights

Barnett is a team of exceptional wordsmiths that will make it so that every single word we write down on every single page it comes out perfectly, it makes a mark and it allows you to have a book that you can proudly call your own, our work is of such high quality that you’ll be amazed at the attention it brings you. Whether it’s fiction ghostwriting services or autobiography ghostwriting services our outstanding writers will ensure that our work is tailored to your specific needs.


The best fiction
ghostwriters for hire

Writing is often about telling a story, whether it’s nonfiction or fiction. A good fiction ghostwriter for hire, will be able to structure a story and plot in such a way that it has a strong impact on the audience. Our fiction ghostwriters can extrapolate a great story from any idea. Our writers have the best knowledge and skillset to bring the most out of even the most rudimentary of details.


Engaging non
fiction writers

Creating an engaging non fiction story requires the use of language in such a way that it compels your audience to read and understand more and more of whats needed to succeed in the literary world. Our non fiction writers are the best in the industry and will bring about the best writing that’s needed in your work for you to succeed as an author.


The best
biography writing

We will formulate the best biography for you, for whomever you’re creating a biography for, a good biography is about knowing what the person is like what will pain them in a favourable light to the audience. As well as making the writing as engaging as possible. So work with our team and we will bring the best package possible for you in terms of great biography writing services.


informative books

Creating a good informative book is about knowing your audience and how much they know about the topic, an engaging informative book should be told with both a degree of engagement and an attention to detail on the subject matter, our writers are experts at bringing about both. So work with them today for the best book writing.


The best
autobiography writers

An autobiography is your own life story and must be told in a very engaging and fun way so that people are inspired by your life experiences and it’s a story that has to be taken care of and written in a way that engages people and doesn’t bore them with too much detail or dull writing. Our autobiography writing services will amaze you with its quality so work with us today!


An outstanding memoir
writing service

Write the best memoir with Barnett ghostwriting and experience a world of amazement when you see how your memories are shown to the world at large with the premium quality of our memoir writing services.

Children’s book writing

The best children's
book writer for you!

We will create the best children’s book by having you work with our team of ghostwriting experts, and it will amaze audiences with its high quality and sharp writing so work with our team today and you will be amazed by how well written the books are. Begin your journey with Barett ghostwriting now!

Call us or send us an email, and our experts will walk you through the entire process, requirements, and packages for ghostwriting services for your book! Please contact us by phone or start a live chat. +1 (855) 469-7509 , or start a live chat.

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We will create a perfect manuscript

Our writers will stop at nothing to create the best manuscript for you that is one of absolute perfection and completely flawless in every way

The best publishers in the market

Our services will make publishing easy for you!

When it comes to having your book published it can be a hassle. This is why you work with Barnett’s inhouse publishing to have your book published, so that you won’t have to worry about going through too many channels before having your book sent for publishing and not even receiving much royalties on it.

The best production

Outside production process done very swiftly for you

We have a long history of producing and publishing books with the highest of quality, and our clients have never been disappointed with any of the books we’ve published when you work with Barnett ghostwriting you work with a team of dedicated individuals who focus on bringing the most out of your vision this is seen in your swift production process too

an Order When you place an order you should rest easy knowing that our team is working on making your idea masterpiece and a potential future best seller, after you make it it proceeds to go to our ghostwriting team

professional article writing services

outline The first outline that plans the whole process of your book from start to finish, this will also show you the direction in which the book is going in.

seo article writing service

Feedback This is the part where we show you the completed manuscript and what changes need to be made if any, if you dislike any aspects of the book, this is the stage where we’ll focus on ironing it out.

Delivery The final stage of the book when you receive it and the ownership rights are transferred to you and you finally become a proud author of a book written by Barnett ghostwriting.

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