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Our editors will ensure that all your work is smoothly edited to lead to a better reading experience for your audience, we have a team of hardworking editors who will help in crafting an amazing book. Our editors are well trained in bringing perfection to any book.

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We have a team of editors who will ensure that your work is built upon and improved through the usage of immaculate editing as well turning your story structure into an immaculate work of art, they understand the art of making a book engaging as they have worked on numerous best sellers, and top-rated books. Our editors’ vast experience in the literary field has led to them becoming the best at what they do, which is why you need to work with us today!

Outstanding editing

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We are going to provide you with outstanding services such as proof reading services, professional book editing services, affordable book editing services and a myriad of others to ensure that your book ends up looking flawless and a masterpiece that impresses upon a vast audience. We are a team of editors, writers and creative designers who believe in quality first. This is why you need to begin your Barnett Journey today!


This refers to the process of revising the written material and working to iron out the flaws, that may be present within the text. This process involves an entire revision phase during which we go through and check for grammatical errors and then fix it, till it’s perfect.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of editing the deals with fixing the story structure, the flow and pacing as well as how engaging or lack thereof some parts of the book are, this part is quite important in order to improve the quality of the book.


In our proof reading services we seek to check the book for flaws in structure, formatting errors, grammar, and issues with overall plot. This is also used to determine whether the book needs editing or not.

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Whatever services you seek, whether its professional book editing services, book proofreading services or anything else we will seek to provide you with immense quality and also deliver upon it swiftly.

placement Once you decide to place your order our sales reps will communicate on how best to proceed with working on your project. Whether it’s book proofreading services, or professional book editing services both have a different scope.

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Process of
planning This process involves devising a plan that will serve as a basis for the entire project. Our team believes in the moniker that if you fail to plan you plan to fail so we create a plan for the entire project and then share it with you

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Feedback We now work to gain your feedback by showing you how far we’ve come along in the project and what the direction of the project is looking like, this is important because if any disagreements arise in this phase we can then focus on sorting them out.

Delivery This is the final stage of the project where we finally work towards having your project delivered, and then we work to provide you with the entire ownership of it. We will provide you with the materials that we have created for your specific needs.

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