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A company which works in providing you with professional article writing. We have a commitment to excellence as well as a unique passion for telling compelling stories this is why we specialize in the creation of engaging content with our informative article writing services, and the articles we create will resonate with your target audience. Our team of seasoned writers will research your topics of interest meticulously to bring about captivating articles and content for your magazines.

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Our company understands that writing a magazine article is difficult and storytelling that is compelling as well as engaging content is the cornerstone of any good magazine. Our script writers for hire will make sure that they create engaging content which captivates your readers.


We focus on telling compelling stories through meticulously crafted feature articles, by bringing you thought provoking exposes on in depth human interest stories our writers will bring you the essence of whatever subject matter the article is exploring to provide your audience with compelling narratives.

& Culture

Your audience will be immersed in the world of culture and lifestyle as our fascinating articles will capture the essence of modern living. Audiences will love our articles on the latest fashion trends or the deep dives into modern relationships and their intricacies. The nuances of cultural phenomena exist to be uncovered by us.

& Adventure

These days travelling is a hobby that many people engage in, this is why theres a huge demand for travel guides, people love to explore different countries and cultures. Our guides will be written to bring about the best travel experience and appreciation for culture exploration.

& Wellness

By prioritizing the health and well-being of your audience we will bring about insights on nutrition, weight training, physical fitness and supplements. Our writers are very passionate about every topic they write on physical fitness is something they regularly engage with and as a result you will get articles that have a wide gamut of various engaging fitness topics.

Entertainment &
Pop Culture

Entertainment and pop culture is a genre with many possibilities for engaging articles, we will celebrate the diversity of the industry with our sharp words and engaging narratives. Whether it’s a critique of the latest movies or tv shows, or in-depth analyses of both the music and fashion trends that are currently holding popularity.


We will expand your horizons with are informative article writing that will cover a wide range of multiple topics and subjects as well as educational content that will promote growth and learning our writers can provide readers with very valuable information that will enlighten as well as educate them.

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We are a company that believes in the power of well-crafted articles as they can be utilized to inform audiences and inspire them to make change. This is why we have a diverse range of expertise and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our content will resonate with your audience which is why you need to contact us today to begin our collaboration so you too can unlock the potential of your content with our professional article writing services.

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The creation of a proper engaging magazine can be quite the confounding task but don’t worry our creative magazine writers will make it happen. Some of the genres of magazine writing we offer are:

  • Humor:

    Lighthearted, engaging pieces of humor can bring about joy to the absurdities of daily life. Work with our team for hilarious pieces that can put a smile on anyone’s face and make people happier with the witty words of our ghostwriters.

  • Character profiles:

    We will bring your characters to life with profiles that will delve into the nuances of their personalities as well as their motivations.

  • Commentary:

    We will bring about very insightful discourse by creating compelling commentary pieces that seek to provide unique perspectives on current events as well as relevant issues.

  • Longform investigative pieces.

    Delve into the depths of complex issues and uncover the truth with our meticulously crafted longform investigative pieces
    This is where we delve into complex issues and try to figure out mysteries that have remained unsolved for so long.

  • Fiction:

    Begin your journey with us in the world of fiction, our captivating and imaginative storytelling will take your ideas and transform them into fascinating and mesmerizing tales of wonder, whether it belongs in the domain of fantasy, science fiction, mystery or even romance. We have writers who are masters of crafting worlds and intriguing characters that will take them on new adventures.

  • Biography

    Biography exists to celebrate lives and legacies of individuals who have done their part in serving society and the world at large with their actions, we will write with respect and craft their biographies with meticulous authenticity and respect. Honoring their contributions as well as their legacies and making them proud of the work we have created.

Call us or send us an email, and our experts will walk you through the entire process, requirements, and packages for ghostwriting services for your book! Please contact us by phone or start a live chat. +1 (855) 469-7509 , or start a live chat.

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When you decide to collaborate with our ghostwriting company, our team creates a system that allows for efficient delivery of the work that is needed to be done. A systematic process of four steps that allows for a streamlined workflow ensuring a seamless transition in every stage of the workflow.

Ordering This is the start of your creative journey, you begin by first placing your order with Barnett ghostwriting and thus we take your order and transfer it to the content management team.

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Drafting Outline The content team then manages by crafting an outline that will show you what the scope of the project will look like the time, the effort, the direction that the project will take and how it will be achieved will all be discussed here.

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Gaining feedback Our company believes in open communication to advance your goals, we believe that you should be able to voice your feedback to us and discuss any issues you might have with the end product.

Delivery of work This is the end of the creative vision and with our timely and efficient delivery the final product is one that you will be proud to call your own.

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