Top 25 Literary Agents in the USA in 2024

Best Literary Agents in the USA

In this digitalized publishing industry, it has become essential to get help from a professional to navigate this process more smoothly. In the midst of this, literary agents serve as experienced representatives of authors while negotiating with the best book publisher companies to get the best deal possible for them. Embarking on your first writing journey often seems quite daunting because of this you need the guidance and mentorship of a good literary agent. In the United States, many ghostwriting companies provide valuable insight and advocacy through their experienced literary agents in the USA.

These literary agents are responsible for the following things:

  • Finding the right publisher
  • Getting the best publishing deal
  • Negotiating contract terms and agreements
  • Creating effective marketing strategies
  • Getting higher amounts of royalties

List Of 25 Best Literary Agents in the USA

The literary industry is vibrant with experienced and competitive authors who have already achieved their literary dreams. Here is a complete list of all the best literary agents that can provide you with valuable mentorship opportunities with their unique strengths and characteristics.

1. Barnett Ghostwriting

Barnett Ghostwriting is the home to the most experienced ghostwriters with exceptional designers who provide solutions for every ghostwriting need. They believe in properly understanding your vision and then building an effective bridge to make them come true with efficient mentorship and guidance.

Notable Services

  • Expertise in memoirs and biographies.
  • Manuscript editing and proofreading services.
  • Book marketing and promotion services.
  • Customized ghostwriting services in both fiction and nonfiction.

2. Collins Ghostwriting

Collins Ghostwriting is here to turn all your writing journeys into literary stardom. Through the years they have worked with numerous aspiring and experienced authors and provided them with great literary agents in the USA. Their services aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

Notable Services

  • Tailored ghostwriting services for novels, essays, etc.
  • Thorough research and authentic source verification.
  • Professional consultation on story and character development.
  • Skilled dialogue and character creation services.

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3. Elite Authors

Elite Authors is another experienced ghostwriting and publishing company in the US that has helped more than 10,000 authors publish their work successfully. They have contributed to the stardom and fame of many authors and have gotten them recognized on many international platforms.

Notable Services

  • Ghostwriting services for romance, mystery, etc.
  • Offer support for both traditional and self-publishing.
  • Provide book cover design and formatting services.
  • Tailored marketing and publicity strategies.

4. All American Ghostwriters

All American Ghostwriters is another professional ghostwriting company that provides comprehensive ghostwriting services on one platform. Their services cater to every need and want of their authors while assisting in building a positive online presence for more reach and sales.

Notable Services

  • Customized ghostwriting services for diverse genres.
  • Assistance with author branding and publicity.
  • Transparent pricing structure and flexible schedule.
  • Constant support throughout the publishing journey.

5. Power Publishers

Power Publishers has spent a total of 15 years in this industry publishing various books, e-learning videos, and audiobooks. With more than 1800 published books and 3000+ writing projects, they have developed a deep level of knowledge and expertise in the literary world of the USA. 

Notable Services

  • Ghostwriting services for various genres.
  • Assist in audiobook publishing.
  • Access to the global distribution network.
  • Offers help with publishing and translation.

6. Vox Ghostwriting

Vox Ghostwriting is a premium writing and publishing agency in the US. They are a customer-centric platform that only provides solutions with success-driven results and nothing else. Moreover, they also believe in keeping their writing and publishing services up to date with the latest trends and styles.

Notable Services

  • Personalized ghostwriting services for diverse companies.
  • Assist with publishing queries and proposals.
  • Collaborative brainstorming service for unique ideas.
  • Thorough editing and proofreading services.

7. Professional Writers Help

Professional Writers Help promises to become the most affordable ghostwriting company in the US without compromising on their quality. Their team of professional is always available to provide assistance and guidance with any queries or confusion their authors might have about anything.

Notable Services

  • Skilled ghostwriters are available for all genres.
  • Professional manuscript evaluation and feedback.
  • Access to expert literary agents in the USA.
  • Offers assistance with self-publishing and marketing.

8. Ghostwriter Inside

Ghostwriter Inside is a leading US ghostwriting company that is known for providing flawless ghostwriting and literary services to its authors. They provide their authors with unexcelled ghostwriting services and solutions while negotiating the best deals for their interests and benefit.

Notable Services

  • Customized ghostwriting according to requirements.
  • Offers guidance with self-publishing platforms.
  • Professional experts are available for mentorship.
  • Provides support throughout the writing process.

9. Orange Publishers

Orange Publishing is a professional publishing house with more than 3 decades of experience in this field. They provide comprehensive support and effective tips for easy navigation into the publishing world. Their services are designed to achieve excellence and perfection with complete satisfaction.

Notable Services

  • Ghostwriting services for memoirs, business, etc.
  • Customizable packages for every company.
  • Provides assistance with cover design and layout.
  • Help in designing strategic marketing plans.

10. Book Publishing

Get ready to publish your book and experience the best author experience with the Book Publishing company. They cater to their authors during every stage of their project creation with an excellent support system. Their team is dedicated to providing success-driven solutions to their clients.

Notable Services

  • End-to-end effective publishing solutions.
  • Offers access to their wide connection network.
  • Experienced team in traditional and self-publishing.
  • Continuous and rigorous support in services.

11. Times Ghost Writers

Times Ghost Writers is a professional ghostwriting company that offers customizable services for every project. They have also been featured in many US and international magazines because of their exceptional services. Moreover, they also provide free consultation directly from their experts.

Notable Services

  • Ghostwriting services with fast delivery.
  • Guidance through industry experts on industry navigation.
  • Experienced in creating gripping plots and characters.
  • Provides thorough editing and proofreading services.

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12. Ghost Book Authors

Ghost Book Authors is included among the top ghostwriting companies in the US. Their team has deep knowledge and expertise of the latest publishing technologies and trends in the US market. Along with this, they also provide packages that can be tailored to every need and want of their customers.

Notable Services

  • Tailored ghostwriting services for memoirs, business, etc.
  • Thorough editing and refinement of writing projects.
  • Collaborative approaches to increase the author’s reputation.
  • Helps in self-publishing platforms.

13. Chelsea Publishers

Chelsea Publishers is an award-winning ghostwriting agency that has made many authors renowned through their services. Their wide connection network is also available to their authors with the most expert level of literary agents. Their team ensures the success of their services and solutions.

Notable Services

  • Customized ghostwriting services for various genres.
  • Guidance on author platform building and promotion.
  • Deep level of expertise in literary and YA fiction.
  • Assistance in publishing queries and proposal submissions.

14. Nexus Ghostwriting

Nexus Ghostwriting aims to become the ultimate hub of exceptional ghostwriting services in the US. Get connected with their panel of experienced ghostwriters and literary experts for hire to easily navigate this online journey. They also approach each project with the same amount of dedication and effort. 

Notable Services

  • Provides ghostwriting services for both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Perform complete research and fact-checking.
  • Great storytelling skills in sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
  • Offers help in copyright and IP protection services.

15. Ghostwriting Solution

Ghostwriting Solution is a well-known firm that is known for its impressive writing services and excellent customer-centric approaches. Their panel of literary agents in the USA is also full of only professional experts who have experience in representing many famous authors all around the world.

Notable Services

  • Comprehensive personalized ghostwriting services.
  • Professional writing and publishing consultation services.
  • Thorough editing and manuscript refinement option.
  • Support with all author branding services.

16. Fiction Ghostwriting

Fiction Ghostwriting is a company with extremely diverse writing styles and voices that can be adapted according to the needs of clients. Their literary experts have already found many best possible contracts for their author and have a deep level of expertise in negotiating with publishers.

Notable Services

  • Specialized ghostwriting services for mystery, romance, etc.
  • Continuous expert support during the publishing journey.
  • Provide professional manuscript evaluation.
  • Assist in providing genre-specific conventions.

17. Top Quality Writing

Top Quality Writing is a professional ghostwriting agency that provides full-service writing and editing services to its clients. They have also helped in publishing many books on Amazon KDP and also provide consultation services regarding this. Their team is only dedicated to providing successful results and solutions.

Notable Services

  • Professional ghostwriters with diverse expertise.
  • Quick and efficient communication mediums.
  • Customized writing services and solutions.
  • Timely delivery and fast turnaround time. 

18. Ghostwriting Saga

Ghostwriting Saga is an agency containing some of the most skilled wordsmiths and agents who have mastered the art of delivering successful results. This agency utilizes the best in-house experts for every project and makes sure that their every need is adequately met with complete fulfillment.

Notable Services

  • Provides customized ghostwriting services for every platform.
  • Offers collaborative approaches with authors.
  • Assistance in self-publishing and marketing strategies.
  • Free consultation services through industry experts.

19. Express Writers

Express Writers is a one-stop writing solution for all types of quality content, marketing, and publishing needs. Their processes and services are designed to provide only high-quality content with unmatched creativity and results. Moreover, they also believe in providing clear and transparent communication.

Notable Services

  • Provides social media marketing strategies.
  • Expert author in web page creation and design.
  • Diverse blog and article writing services.
  • Wide range of publishing options and platforms.

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20. Ghostwriting LLC

Ghostwriting LLC is a well-established ghostwriting firm that has some brilliant ghostwriters who accommodate all types of genre writing. They are experienced in different publishing methods along with publishing guidelines for every different platform which makes their consultation more effective. 

Notable Services

  • Provides comprehensive professional ghostwriting services.
  • Authentic and genuine research with proper citing. 
  • Diverse expertise and skills in different types of genres.
  • Collaborative approaches for author vision.

21. Cloud Ghostwriting

Cloud Ghostwriting is known for being the most reliable and secure ghostwriting platform in the US. They have strict quality-checking procedures that only allow the acceptance of quality content with definite results. Moreover, they also believe in complete research and fact-checking before publishing. 

Notable Services

  • Provides cloud-based ghostwriting services.
  • They have collaborative brainstorming and development options.
  • Seamless communication mediums and quick responses.
  • Provides efficient project management services.

22. Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Non-Fiction Ghostwriting is another premium ghostwriting company that only contains the best literary agents in the USA. Their storytelling skills are filled with unique, inspirational, and fresh concepts and structures. Publishing is another field that they have a deep interest in and have achieved a lot of in. 

Notable Services

  • Diverse ghostwriting services and solutions.
  • Provides subject matter expertise for accurate content.
  • Collective approaches for effective articulation.
  • Thorough review and proofreading services.

23. The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is an open platform for many freelancers and literary agents who provide an effortless and enjoyable process. Their focus is mainly on providing customer-centric approaches and high-quality content. It is a seamless content creation platform that provides exceptional consultation. 

Notable Services

  • Ghostwriting services for genres like urban fiction and non-fiction.
  • Creative writing team with unique ideas.
  • Authentic representation of culture and traditions.
  • Joint approaches for genuine story creation and research.

24. Book Writing Inc.

Book Writing Inc. is the agency for most seasoned ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders that delivers only perfection with their diverse services and solutions. They have completed over a thousand renowned projects with successful results. 

Notable Services

  • Comprehensive ghostwriting services for various genres.
  • Professional consultation services on content and strategy.
  • Assists with publishing options and branding.
  • Provides thorough preparation for publication.

25. E Writers Solution

E Writers Solution is an affordable ghostwriting company for all companies looking to avail of services in their specific budgets. Their literary agents are also one of the best in the USA with flawless writing and guidance services. 

Notable Services

  • Writing services tailored to the author’s needs.
  • Offer constant support for publishing and promotion.
  • Experienced writers with diverse genre skills.
  • Genuine and authentic content assurance.


These are all the best agencies that provide solace and support to every type of aspiring author in navigating through the complex world of publication.