Top 10 Author Marketing Services Agencies in 2024

author marketing services

In today’s crowded publishing world, with countless books vying for attention, authors need strong marketing strategies to get their work noticed. While writing is their passion, marketing might not be. This is where author marketing services come in. These agencies specialize in helping authors connect with their target readers and build a successful platform.

If you’re an author looking to promote yourself and reach your audience, consider collaborating with an author marketing services agency. Here’s a list of the top 10 best to explore in 2024

Top 10 Author Marketing Services Agencies

1. Barnett Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features

  • Personalized author branding strategies
  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • Engaging author website design

Barnett Ghostwriting is one of the popular author marketing services and book marketing services agencies because of its hands-on, personalized approach to marketing. They dive deeper into knowing the goal of their client. Then they customize their services accordingly – whether it is about securing the coveted media coverage, arranging book tours, or creating strategies for marketing campaigns. 

The expertise of their team and extensive network make sure Barnett Ghostwriting is a go-to choice for authors who want comprehensive and effective marketing solutions. 

2. Collins Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Expert book marketing consultations
  • Tailored book promotion packages
  • Author email marketing campaigns

Collins Ghostwriting offers you an all-inclusive approach to author promotion services. It covers every aspect from design to promotion. The agency has a team of skilled professionals that collaborate closely with you to create compelling marketing materials, that are specially customized to your brand and target audience. 

Whether it is designing captivating book covers, developing author websites, or managing social media campaigns, the agency makes sure that every element is aligned with your vision and goal.

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3. Vox Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Book launch event planning
  • Media outreach and press releases
  • Author platform building guidance

Vox Ghostwriting is the one that commands authority in the book publishing industry with its unparalleled reach and targeted approach. The strength of the company lies in delivering personalized book recommendations to millions of eager readers through email marketing. You can take advantage of its service which ensures that your book is showcased to the most relevant audience. 

In addition to this, Vox Ghostwriting offers you opportunities to reach the audience through multi-media channels. The team at the agency helps you and guides you through every step with ease.  

4. Book Publishing Service

Highlighted Features  

With over a decade of experience, Book Publishing Services offers you a range of proven strategies to increase your online presence and boost book sales. Their comprehensive services cover everything from social media management to email marketing campaigns – all personalized to meet your unique needs. 

You can take advantage of their expertise and industry connections, effectively engage with your target audience, and expand your reader base. The agency’s approach makes sure that you receive dedicated support and solutions to achieve your goals. 

5. Nexus Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Author blog content creation
  • Book signing event coordination
  • SEO optimization for authors

Nexus Ghostwriting is a premium ghostwriting company offering marketing services to authors that are designed to organize the self-publishing process and maximize book sales. Their all-in-one platform enables the authors to publish and distribute the books across multiple online retailers while offering access to powerful promotional tools and resources.

The agency simply equips authors with everything they need to be successful in the competitive publishing industry today. You can confidentially navigate the complexities of self-publishing and reach a wider audience with Nexus Ghostwriting. 

6. Ghostwriting Solution

Highlighted Features  

  • Author newsletter management
  • Influencer collaboration initiatives
  • Author podcast guest bookings

Ghostwriting Solution facilitates meaningful connections between the authors and readers through its strong services. It offers a range of premium services and it is not only about marketing. You can contact the agency to help with editing, proofreading, book cover design, and much more. Apart from this, it ensures to market authors through different mediums. 

From a collaborative approach, to email marketing, to social media campaigns – Ghostwriting Solution makes sure that you have the right start as an author.  

7. Fiction Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Author merchandise development
  • Cross-promotion with fellow authors
  • The author’s speaking engagement bookings

Fiction Ghostwriting encourages authors to create visually stunning graphics and promotional materials for their books with ease. They offer services in multiple subgenres of fiction as well as non-fiction. They help you create eye-catching social media posts to engaging book trailers that can attract readers. 

The authors can also display their creativity and professionalism and effectively promote their book across various marketing channels through customizable templates and design options.  

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8. Ghostwriting Saga

Highlighted Features  

  • Virtual book tour organization
  • Author community engagement strategies
  • Author workshop facilitation

Ghostwriting Saga is here to simplify the process of distributing eBooks directly to readers and allowing the authors to focus on what they do best – writing. You can easily promote your books and track readers’ engagement with the landing pages and marketing tools offered by the agency. The agency is equipped with the latest technologies that help you to hold virtual tours to reach more audiences. 

Furthermore, the company also offers services like an author community center in which, the platform is created where the author can communicate with the readers and develop relationships. 

9. Cloud Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Book award submission assistance
  • Author testimonial gathering
  • Author interview scheduling

Cloud Ghostwriting offers you a hassle-free agency that helps you with self-publishing, writing, editing, formatting, book cover designing, and marketing (book and author). The team at Cloud Ghostwriting understands that each author has a unique goal and level. That is why, they ensure to create personalized marketing campaigns for their clients to achieve their goals.   

The friendly team at the agency helps you throughout the process and guides you through each of the marketing steps. They are available 24/7 which means you can contact them about anything anytime and anywhere. 

10. Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Highlighted Features  

  • Book fair and expo representation
  • Author brand monitoring services
  • Author content marketing campaigns

Non-Fiction Ghostwriting specializes in providing authors with targeted promotional services that book the sales of their books instantly. The experts at the agency create the strategies to effectively reach the desired audience of the authors through various channels. It makes sure that you receive personalized attention and support throughout the promotional process. 

You can know about the industry insights and innovative tactics as they boost your books’ presence in the market and attract more readers. It is the best way to reach your marketing goals and establish a strong foundation for long-term success. 


So, these are the top agencies that can help you market yourself as an author. Each one of them has a proven record in the industry and several successful authors work with them to manage their marketing materials. Now is your chance to become the author that the world knows about. 

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