How to Plan a Novel | 5 Ways to Get Started

How to Plan a Novel

Writing is an endeavor that takes a lot out of the person engaged with it. It’s not always very enjoyable, nor is it very stimulating to sit in front of a computer typing away or writing with a pen on a piece of paper. But it is one thing and that is rewarding, it’s very rewarding to write and create works of art that are read by people generations from now. Shakespeare’s works are hundreds of years old, yet they are still studied, read, and enjoyed by people to this very day. And why is that? It’s due to the quality of writing and the structuring exhibited in those books, that a technical mastery over language and vocabulary can take you very far in terms of creating well-written books, however, what makes a novel engaging is not just the technical mastery of words but how those same words are utilized in the context of telling a larger story that’s meant to fascinate and bring depth to a situation. in this blog we will learn how to plan a novel.

5 Ways to How to Plan a Novel

planning your novel


1. Deciding to start your journey

When you first begin to write you make the decision that this is going to be your goal and everything you do will be aligned towards it, one of the reasons people frequently hire ghostwriters is because they see the fact that writing is a difficult long and arduous process that takes a lot of time and effort that they cannot sacrifice for creating their book. This is why they have professionals do it. However, if you are adamant that you wish to create a book yourself then you must decide with a singular purpose and vision how you will go about doing so. By solidifying your decision and going through with creating your book you are now one step closer to realizing your dream of becoming an author who holds a high regard in the halls of literature. You might be interested in the guide to starting your novel.

2. The first steps

The first step is that you begin to brainstorm ideas for your novel. What the genre will be, what the characters will be, and how the plot will progress. A top ghostwriting agency suggests that it’s important to visualize every character, plot point, and story element before you even start writing your book. This is because if you don’t do this you can’t exactly describe it either.

A book is personal to the readers reading it, but you must have a singular vision about how the atmosphere, characters, and places in the book look like. This is important when learning how to plan a novel. This is why you must make sure that you focus on brainstorming and planning time because otherwise, you will end up writing in a disorganized fashion that will be to your ultimate detriment. Write with purpose and an understanding of what it is that you want from your story otherwise your audience will be as underwhelmed as you with the result.

3. Planning the introduction

The introduction of the story is the most important part.  It holds the key to making your audience engaged or uninterested. This is because there seem to be a lot of aspects that are explored in the introduction that set the stage for the rest of the story.  So you need to make sure that you make them as engaging as possible when crafting the initial introductory stage of your story. Make sure you are writing with as much engagement as possible for your introduction.  Do not bog down your story by a terrible introduction that requires you to change things later in the story. Otherwise, they will contradict the introduction. So, give your introduction your hundred and ten percent. Write with a focus and you will be rewarded with dividends for it. or hire a ghostwriter to write an introduction for you.

4. The main body and the conflict

This is where the protagonist or the ensemble cast comes together.  Now they meet against the antagonist to meet up for the main conflict of the story.  This is where the bulk of the story will take place.



Work on writing well for this part. Make sure that you do not miss any important points in this aspect of the story. Make it elaborate, explore the depths of each character’s motivations and desires. Engaging in the plot make sure that the characters that you explore and introduce characters thoroughly. Your main body alone will see many rewrites over the course of your creating your novel.  You will be exploring many different ideas. This is fine. This is the aspect of the story that takes the most work and the most effort.  So do it well ensure that you handle it perfectly. here is the guide to creating an amazing conflict.

5. The Conclusion

Planning and tying up all loose ends is necessary.  So make sure that there are no missing plot holes.  Or any events left unfinished address all events in the story.  Seal up the central conflict perfectly.


Writing a story is a difficult prospect.  It takes a lot of work from the individuals involved. It’s also a very grueling and arduous process.  Knowing what it takes is necessary. Making sure you tackle all the issues. A good novel is a work of art that people will remember for generations to come.  So write with purpose and hone your craft.  One day your novel will be one that will stand the test of time. We hope that we can help you understand how to plan a novel.

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