How to Write a Novel for Beginners – 6 Easy Ways to Get Started

how to write a novel for beginners

Authoring a novel successfully sounds like a lofty goal, and to be very honest it doesn’t come easy for everyone. There are just too many reasons to list as to why writing isn’t always feasible for even the most talented of authors with brilliant ideas, writing is a difficult skill that takes a certain amount of discipline and perseverance to succeed in, it requires an unusual level of motivation to succeed which is why many people don’t become successful writers. in this blog, we will discuss 6 Easy Ways to how to write a novel for beginners.

“If a story is in you, it has to come out.”

– William Faulkner

Creating a Perfect Novel

The basics of story writing can be surmised as follows:

  • Write an interesting hook
  • The first few introductory chapters need to engage readers with the plot and characters
  • The main body of the work should be engaging and move at a decent pace not too slow or too fast

A satisfying conclusion that wraps up all the plot points in the novel

The above Is a gross simplification of what it takes to author an exceptional novel.

Drafting a novel is a complex and potentially frustrating endeavor. However, that doesn’t mean you give up! You might be interested in the guide to start writing a book.

So what does it really take?

The main thing to consider is what the subject of the novel will be, what genre the novel will involve, how long will it be, and what will the structure of the book look like. And most importantly the motivations behind authoring your novel, what makes you want to author this book in the first place?

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How to start drafting a novel for beginners

Start by plotting and writing an outline of the characters, important plot points, and backstories. It is best to brainstorm as much as possible during this phase of drafting your book. Write your ideas down and build a mind map with as many ideas as possible, use pen and paper techniques as they allow a better flow of ideas from your mind rather than using a keyboard. if you are having trouble in writing a plot then you can also take book ghostwriting services.

What makes a novel good?

This is an oft-repeated question that confounds even the best authors half the time, what makes a story good and what does it take to draft a delightful story? It takes a lot of things but quite a bit of it can be down to luck as well, for example, your story might lack in the technical aspects of writing and storytelling but do swimmingly well with audiences due to its unique and engaging plot or characters.

Sometimes you might write a literary work of art but the lack of marketing prevents your book from doing well. Authoring a good novel and making it successful are two different things and it’s best that you understand the difference before you start this journey. It is not always about whether your content is good or not, it is the interplay of many different factors that lead to the success of the novel, timing, luck, placement, the packaging of the product (design), any other external economic factors involved can also influence the success of your book.

6 Tactics from the best ghostwriters

The best ghostwriters from the best ghostwriting agency are more experienced than even great authors, due to the sheer experience they have as well as the passion and talent for writing they hold. Creating a perfect novel involves creating immersive storylines and characters. Here is a list of tactics you can use to construct your literary masterpiece

1. Research the Subject of your Novel

Whatever the subject of your novel might be. Whether it’s a fantasy setting for example research the history of famous fantasy settings in general to figure out what made those settings so impactful, what the author did differently, and how it got them the recognition that made them so renowned.

2. A Thoroughly Well-Constructed Opening

Your first impression is your last impression. That’s an old adage but it rings true here. Your opening has to be engaging for the audience, the opening has to introduce the story elements, your protagonists, your antagonists, and the central conflict that will be resolved by the end of the story, any missteps here will result in lackluster reception from audiences with many not even continuing to read your novel regardless of critical reception.

3. Good Characterization

Characters are the backbone of your story as a result every character you write has to be likable and interesting. A dull protagonist or supporting characters can lessen the impact of many of the events that will be depicted in the story. Another thing to add is the fact that all stories are not created equal. Some are more or less character-driven. You must decide early on what it is that your story will be.

4. The Central Conflict

Define the central conflict this is going to help in understanding what the story is going to be. The story’s central conflict is what drives it forward. If the central conflict is not interesting, it is hard to make the whole novel work.

5. Avoid Plot Holes

Make sure the story does not contain any plot holes either. These are events in the story that contradict other events. This ruins the phenomenon known as the “suspension of disbelief” which is the reader ignoring obvious fantastical elements in favor of the story and its world.  However, there should be logical consistency within the story.

6. A Satisfying Conclusion

This is the most important bit; this is the part that can make or break the story of even the best-written novels. A satisfying conclusion ties all loose ends together and concludes all the character and plot arcs. This is a skill that many experienced authors have that you also need to cultivate within you. How to wrap things up in a way that feels satisfying.


There are many different ways to begin authoring your novel, with every author taking a different approach. Hopefully, the tips in the article help you define your path to authoring your novel.

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