How to Write a Fantasy Novel | 5-Steps from Best-Selling Author

How to Write a Fantasy Novel

The most well-known literary genre, fantasy, originates in the eighth century when The Odyssey’s literary history was studied. Homer, who gave rise to potent mythological storytelling in literature, wrote this captivating work of art. However, numerous outstanding fantasy books have been produced throughout history by the finest authors of their generation. The subject of how to write a fantasy novel still arises in the minds of fresh writers in the present era. Do you run into any difficulties when composing literary fantasy? Here are some essential literary components to help you create a fantastical universe.

Because you can’t write your fantasy novels, do you feel like you’re losing your creative abilities? Do you have trouble writing the fantasy novels you’ve had in your head for a long time? Don’t worry! We are here for you! We’ll teach you how to write a fantasy novel so you can start your own immediately.
The start of a story sets the tone for all that comes after. The fantasy’s beginning is an appetizer, giving you a taste of what to follow. Therefore, your main goal at the start of any fantasy book is to pique readers’ interest and keep them reading. Start by piquing their curiosity and inspiring them to read.

How to write a fantasy novel

There are many factors to consider and measures to be taken to write a successful fiction novel. Fantasy stories take place in made-up universes. It can be challenging to create a world where the characters can interact, and the readers can fully immerse themselves. Fantasy novels have unique twists that make them a preferred choice for readers. For example, the plot tells a gripping story in addition to featuring mystical people, things, and animals. It takes place in, ultimately, another parallel universe. However, it defies the readers’ preconceptions to give them a new perspective on the world. Here’s to learning if you want to create a fantasy tale or are interested in learning how to do it. This guide could be crucial for your career, it will also help you to provide ghostwriting services for fantasy stories and novels.

1. Know your genre

A wide range of expertise must be kept in mind to learn how to write a fantasy novel. However, there are several subgenres of the fantasy genre, with epic fantasy being the most well-known one that takes place in a parallel universe. The most recent example that should be considered is Game of Thrones, which contains high fantasy aspects, including trademark features and epic magic.
In addition to the above information, various fantasy fiction subgenres, such as sci-fi fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, fairy tales, and so forth, are crucial in creating an engaging reading experience. Most authors consider fantasy the most challenging genre since it calls for extraordinary effort and in-depth knowledge of unusual truths and the hidden realities of nature.
An author has the freedom to create an entirely new world for the readers in addition to the previously specified facts. The plot helps readers accept the ridiculous fantasy world of your book. To construct the plot, a writer must consider the specialized elements of this genre.

2. Read to write

You should read quality literature if you want to discover how to write a fantasy novel. The quality of your writing will only be as good as what you feed it. Then read. When you read, you take in concepts, syntax, sentence construction, rhythm, and prose. Read fantasy books that include descriptions or language you like. Read best-selling novels, award-winning books, the classics (they are classics for a reason), and all other books. If you read a lot, you’ll see an improvement in your writing and can write a great fantasy novel.

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3. Describe the scenario in your novel

Sometimes authors become so engrossed in their world that they compose block paragraph after block paragraph of descriptive writing. This is incorrect. Don’t describe your setting to the reader; let your characters connect with their settings to provide a vision relevant to the plot. An arduous task is world-building. There are many factors to consider, including geography, environment, and economy, and that’s before you even think of magical or mystical components! Set your fantasies accordingly, and construct your words carefully.

4. Create an outline

It is very important to plan out your fantasy novel in advance because they are frequently complex and significant. You don’t want to blunder into all 99 of your narratives by mistake. And it would help if you didn’t want to be the author who, upon finishing the book, finds that they neglected to bind a knot in a crucial aspect of the plot. The top ghostwriting agency recommends getting a broad idea of your storyline before beginning to write because of this. Knowing your story first can help you understand your world much better. Once your story has been planned out, you may use the storyline as a guide to indicate scene by scene where you wish to construct your universe.

5. Build your characters



The construction of strong characters is just as important in fantasy as in fiction or any other genre. Think for a moment about your all-time favorite characters. White Walter. Snow Jon. Shem Potter, etc. What do they have in common? The most interesting characters are complex and unique. They have extremely real motivations and weaknesses, evolving due to the plot’s events and auxiliary characters. Interview your fictional character. What do they most dread? What are their ultimate objectives, and what lengths will they go to attain them? When you write fantasy, practice the following with each character: Create a questionnaire and answer it on your own. You will develop impactful characters.

Essential things to keep in mind while writing a fantasy novel:

An author must work to remove the shaky components from his imagination and thoughts to create a dream world for the audience. To make something seem real, even the unreal should be presented negatively. Also, read the guide to start writing a novel

➤ Magical characteristics

Magic is a powerful fantasy literary element that involves laws, force, and incredible character traits that don’t exist in our world. Because the principles of magical intervention don’t necessarily apply to our planet, the plot always takes place in another realm, sometimes known as the secondary world. The magic system should address the common aspects of sorcery, witchcraft, supernatural powers, Gods and deities, etc., that appear in the text. This kind of genre novel deserves a unique and unusual location. Most of the time, it appears simple enough, yet creating a strong magic system and plot can consume every last drop of blood from the body. It should be remembered that devaluing geographical anomalies and historical artifacts may irritate readers.

➤ Supernatural forces

For many years, supernatural fantasy thrillers have garnered enormous attention in the fiction business. By introducing ghosts and curses, supernatural aspects take the magical realm further and create an exciting adventure. In actuality, it makes perfect sense—after all, in today’s world, who would want to read a book without any suspense?

➤ Character development

The story’s character should drive the action and keep readers interested until the end. Numerous fictional works have demonstrated that the protagonist is the one who battles oppressive authority and endures hardships to defeat the antagonist’s power. As a result, the character of an antagonist should be built on evil interpersonal dynamics and competing dimensions. For a better reading experience, a character’s names must be common. However, the novel should also include other people so that readers can imagine genuine and fictitious relationships side by side.

These are essential points that need to be kept in mind. The most prevalent yet important ones are those that were already discussed. However, the discussion about this subject might go much further. But this is enough to understand the necessary points for writing a fantasy novel.


The unique thing about fantasy literature is how it transports us to distant locations that are just imagined. They cause us to have emotional responses. People have always delved deeply into their imaginations to tell incredible stories from the dawn of time. This can be seen in fantasy books, which are highly common in all cultures.
Making readers believe everything in your fantastical book is vital. It can be challenging to create an original fantasy book that would inspire readers with awe. This is because you will construct a new and unique world, which entails developing people and personifying objects and concepts.

Writers can only achieve this in their creative endeavors if they have the skill to use their vivid imagination to conjure the captivating and captivating moment for their intended audience. The author must imagine each literary component to create a compelling plot that will initially draw readers. The plot should be thoroughly put up to capture a brand-new imaginary world.

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