Cost of Publishing a Book | 4 Things you Should Know!

Cost of Publishing a Book

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” a Chinese proverb, when you embark on a mission to achieve greatness in life it’s often embroiled with a vast degree of uncertainty and adversity. Crafting a work of art, achieving a goal, going above and beyond to ensure your success. All of these are actions that lead to something greater. When you wish to engage with an industry such as the literary one. You end up engaging in activities to achieve a level of greatness, such as crafting an outstanding story through writing a mesmerizing plot with fascinating characters and great storytelling. However, after the process of crafting something is complete the time for publication comes. The publication ends up taking a lot of time and money. In this blog, we will know the cost of publishing a book.

The bigger publication houses are known for charging too much. They also conduct business in such a way that isn’t very friendly for new and coming authors who don’t have much experience under their belt. Furthermore, the royalties are next to nonexistent, it’s not a very fun experience for authors who’ve just begun writing. Today we’re going to be looking at the Cost of publishing a book and what it takes to have your book published. We’re also going to find you alternatives to the mainstream publishing houses for affordable book publishing services.

Book Publication a short history

Book publication has been a process that has existed as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE, utilizing the Egyptian papyrus roll as a type of primitive paper to write and distribute information on. The papyrus roll texts did not survive as they perished due to them being made in a weaker form. The stone tablets not all but some survived. Humans have always sought to spread information far and wide, stories, poems, and even philosophies.

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The invention of printing

The benefits of printing were countless. After the advent of printing in the year 1500, in Europe, there were 9,000,000 books.  The printer was the beginning of modern publication. It’s what leads to the dissemination of information everywhere with the help of a device that can work to spread ideas and knowledge to the masses.

Modern Publication and its Complexities

The current paradigm involves publishing houses that review a book through an editor’s department and as these publishing houses are established and have a particular reputation, they only choose the best books to publish and discard the other manuscripts. This is a massive problem for an inexperienced writer or someone just starting out.

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The Cost of Publishing a Book

publishing cost

The actual costs of publishing a book vary a lot, it can be as high as $5000 and as low as $750 too. Thus the reason being that depending upon the services you require you can be looking at a steep price. Different mechanisms work together to produce a result in the literary industry. The result is costs begin to go up, making it harder for the prospective author to finance the journey to becoming a legend.

1. Printing costs

The affordable book printing services cost of a book ranges from $3-8 for a standard paperback book, this greatly depends upon the amount of copies of the book you are printing. The higher the number of books you print the less the cost, the more you print the lower the cost. Therefore this means for example you get 3000 copies printed the cost will be closer to $3, however if the number of copies is lower like 200 then it’s $8.

2. The design costs

This usually varies from $500 to $1000 depending on if you’re designing both the cover and the internal layout of the book. It can also go as high as $4000 depending on how complex the design is, how experienced and reputable your designer is, and how many revisions are required for the book.

3. Distribution costs

When you plan on distributing your book it often costs a certain percentage from the online retailer you’re working with, thus you also must meet their standards if you plan on selling your book in eBook format in digital marketplaces such as Amazon. Furthermore bookstores can be a very expensive option and will require you to print a lot of copies for you to send them to keep in the bookstores. Therefore this is going to be very frustratingly expensive unless you’re an established author you don’t need to do this.

4. Editing Costs

One of the more annoying things about crafting a book is the editing costs.  Therefore These are the costs that come about when you first give your book for proofreading to someone. They start from $500 to $6000, the reason for the wide range is that there are simple edits that cost less.  Hence these come with less reviewing of what you’ve written, it simply fixes typos and grammar mistakes. Thus the more expensive ones are the structural edits which completely review the structure of your book. They will tell you what you need to change and what could’ve been better. Thus you can also avail affordable editing services by conducting market research.


Publishing your book is all about having faith in it.  As well as the money you’ll be spending.  Furthermore To take it to the next level.  The more you spend the better the outcome will be in most cases.  As that will determine the quality of the people you hire for your book. Ensuring that you tick of all the important boxes. Ensuring successful publishing.

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