How to Write a Scary Story | 4-Tips to Terrify Your Readers!

How to Write a Scary Story

A scary story is one that can bring feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. It’s a story that is filled with characters that exist to frighten and bring about fear. The horror genre is one of great storytelling and deep atmosphere. Atmosphere refers to the vibe of the story and horror stories are ones that are filled to the brim with it. Writing a horror story involves creating dark imagery that plays with thoughts in the readers’ minds. Today we will be looking at how to write a scary story that will amaze your readers.

The Best Horror Stories

These stories such as The Shining by Stephen King, are not just stories that are filled with jump scares at every corner, but rather create a slow and moody atmosphere that permeates across the entire reading experience. It makes the person reading the book feel anxious and startled as they progress through the entire book, the stories themselves tend to be centered around protagonists who are at a place and the main antagonists of stories like this tend to be the setting itself, in the case with the shining the mansion they find themselves in is the antagonist.


The place slowly drives the main protagonist insane until he becomes violent, and the story involves the other characters trying to escape him. This type of build-up of a progression towards something terrifying and scary comes from cleverly constructing the characters and starting off from a mundane or otherwise normal introduction then slowly introducing elements to the story that progressively build tension and make the readers uncomfortable. You might be interested in the guide to the elements of the good story.

What Type of Genres Exist in the Horror Category

Horror genres


The horror category is home to numerous horror genres that fit well within the setting, these include existential horror.  Which deals with the horror of everyday living and involves the dread people feel when they find themselves in a state that renders them hopeless. Then there is love crafting horror which takes elements from existential horror and creates a sort of antagonist that is outside of human comprehension. Creating a mystique around the otherworldly villains means that you can’t give any details about them.

Except for the fact that they slowly drive the individuals that encounter them insane. These are very fascinating and engaging horror genres as they really engage with the minds of the readers. Furthermore, there is also paranormal horror which is the usual ghost story but can be made interesting with elements of suspense and good characterization as well as atmospheric storytelling. When it comes to figuring out how to write a scary story you need to keep these things in mind.

4 Amazing Tips to Write a Terrifying Scary Story

Love crafting

1. Decide on the Setting

You need to have a concrete visual idea of what the setting will look like, as well as what the genre of the book will be. If you choose to write a horror book that incorporates elements from multiple subcategories. It’s generally harder to pull off but if you can manage it.  Creating something innovative and groundbreaking. Best Ghostwriting Company suggests that creating a horror story involves creating elements and a setting that compels readers to feel uncertain about the place, weary, and anxious about what might happen to the protagonists. When you perfectly figure out the setting you can proceed to work on crafting the rest of the story, the characters, and the plot.

2. Make Sure that you Perfect the Atmosphere

A dark atmosphere is necessary for success in writing a scary story.  Conveying the atmosphere through emotions. The descriptions of the world. As well as the moods of the characters. It needs to consistently have a dark tone to it. To ensure that it keeps the readers on edge throughout the entire experience. This is a very important aspect of crafting horror stories, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes in this part. Make sure that the story leaves the desired impact, you do this by writing in a way that accentuates the atmosphere, not take away from it.

3. The Main Body of Work

The central conflict aspect of the story should be building up towards something even more terrifying. Therefore doing this constantly making readers second guess everything that’s happening. The more a reader is curious, even morbidly curious. The more they will want to stay with your book or story and read it. To create a good story, you must engage them somehow, and in horror stories. The type of audience you get is the ones who seek thrill from what they are reading. To create this thrill, you work to slowly ramp up tension throughout the entire story.  This proceeds to get more and more terrifying as the story progresses or you can take book ghostwriting services. So, work to bring about anxiety and fear throughout the entire body of work and it will pay you dividends. Here’s the guide to hiring a ghostwriter to write a story for you.

4. The Ending Should Leave Readers Terrified

The ending of the book should be one that absolutely shocks the reader and startles them. Horror fans love this aspect of horror stories. They want a story that genuinely startles them and especially ends on that sort of note as well. Whether you write a paranormal horror story, or a Lovecraftian-style one. A horror story that ends on a positive note can work. However to maximize the horror impact the story should work to accentuate the dark atmosphere as much as possible till the end.


Writing a horror story can be a fun experience and reading it even more so if written well. We hope that our tips help you learn how to write a scary story. Hopefully, by now you understand what is necessary and what isn’t when crafting your next horror masterpiece.

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